Why It Feels So Hard To Get Six Pack Abs

If you’re on a quest to get six pack abs and it feels like nothing you’re doing is working and moving you closer to your goal, you may strongly wonder what you’re doing wrong?

Why can’t you just see the results that you’re after?

Why is it that nothing you attempt is working out as it should?

At times, it may feel like you’re on mission impossible but the truth is, if you take some time to realize some of the reasons why it may feel like this, you can more clearly see what you need to do to get past it.

Let’s go over what you need to know.

Water Retention/Bloating

The very first hurdle you may face in you quest to get abs is water retention or bloating. This is very normal and quite natural to experience from time to time, but it can completely cover up what were your abs – or the hint of them showing through.

All it takes is one salty meal for you to be retaining water and come to see this directly influencing how lean you look.

While most other body parts aren’t impacted too much by water retention unless it is more extreme, when it comes to getting abs, water retention has a dramatic influence.

So while this isn’t actual fat gain, it can make you feel like you aren’t progressing forward.

Very Low Body Fat Levels

Next, you also need to assess your body fat levels. Realize that getting good ab muscle definition is going to take getting down to much lower body fat levels than seeing definition in any other area of the body will, therefore you have to be patient with the process.

While there are some fortunate people who can see abs at moderate body fat percentages, most men will need to get down to below ten to see abs, while women will need to be in the low to mid teens.

Muscle Size

Finally, realize that muscle size can also influence how well your abs show through also. If you aren’t ever training your abs with additional weight, chances are they aren’t all that large overall, so this will make them less noticeable also.

The larger your muscles are, the more they tend to show, which is why it is slightly easier to see muscles in other regions of the body.

So there you have some key factors coming into play as to why it can be hard to get your abs to show. Don’t feel discouraged – if you keep working at it and are patient, they will definitely come in time. 

Hurricane Fitness Killed Me
~ A Client Blog


How do I make progress? Where do I start? What do I do? For me, the most important answer to all those questions was to run out of excuses and to stop finding reasons not to make the changes that needed to be made. I ran out of reasons, I ran out of excuses, and finally, I ran out of patience with myself. My number was 290. I
weighed 290lbs. I was going to break 300lbs in no time. That's not a number
I've shared with many people. I'm not proud of it.
My goals were pretty modest. I wasn't looking to "get ripped" or hurl iron. I just wanted to get healthy, to be able to walk up stairs, go hiking, and not be completely worthless afterwards. Now, I had made efforts on my own, attempts to change, but they did not last long, and they weren't effective. For me, gyms are intimidating places. You're surrounded by people in better shape then you, and self conscious as I was.. I could feel their eyes rolling(regardless of whether they really were)... And then, I'd see that group of guys, every gym has this group, that are in excellent shape, they know exactly what they're doing, and I just felt worthless in their presence.

So, in mid-February a close friend of mine introduced me to Hurricane Fitness. I will admit, I was skeptical. Even more skeptical than I was of other gyms. I was hearing stories about flipping tractor tires and beating things with sledgehammers. My first thought, I am ashamed to say was that this was just another place fueled by testosterone junkies and 'roid heads. I am so happy to admit how wrong I was in thinking that. The truth, the truth was so much different, so much, better. None. NONE of my preconceptions about gyms held true at Hurricane. The trainers are amazing and friendly, the other members supportive and helpful.
Well, I gave it a shot. I remember that first class well. I was nervous, even scared. I made sure I was at the far back end of the class where no one could see me. The class started, the workout was done. Now, I could barely breath, and I was sore as hell the next day. I thought I was dying.
I just didn't know it then, but I died that cold February night. You see, as I look back on who I was, and just how much I've changed in the last few months. It has been a number of changes. Some major. Some minor. But all with the amazing support of the folks at Hurricane. Remember how I said I started class hiding in the back? Yesterday at calls, I found myself near the front. My number today? 225lbs, and it continues to drop. My cravings for Big Macs and Chicken Nuggets? Gone. I used to drink two to three liters of soda EVERY DAY... I haven't had one in almost two months. I noticed a couple weeks ago that the subtle back pain that I had been just living with was gone completely.

Even with all those changes, I didn't reach my "A-ha" moment until just recently. You see, I hadn't really been able to see the changes on myself. Others have told me they can, but, really, I haven't. Now, sure, I've felt the effects in how my clothes fit, and in how I felt. But I couldn't SEE it in the mirror. Well, anyways, my "A-ha" moment had actually been building. I was starting to notice that my pants were looser. But it was when I put on a T-Shirt just the other day, and I realized it was loose on me, and even when I puffed out my stomach it was still loose on me. That was my "A-ha"
moment when I really noticed just how much has changed.
Hurricane Fitness will kill you. But it will rebuild you. Stronger in body, and in soul.

~Written by Rob
Hurricane Fitness Body Transformation Member since Feb, 2013

$100?! Why so much?

This is often the reply I hear when I tell people the price of my membership at Hurricane Fitness.
They asked me this when I started, they asked me this when I was 3 months into it, they asked me when I became a single mom, and they ask me it now that I work at here and sell them the memberships.

My answer has varied throughout the year that I have been coming here..

When I first started it was.." Because it will keep me going."

3 months into it my answer became " Because it's working, I am free of the usual aches and pains I was used to feeling, my stress levels have decreased and I am more productive at my work"

When I became single and things got tight my answer was " Because my health is important to me, this is important to me, my health is important to my children, and this is important to my children... They learn what they see and I want them to know that being strong and healthy as well as committed to something that is good for you is important. In order to take care of them, I had to continue to take care of myself... my membership was not a luxury, it became a necessity."

And now that I work here, I can tell you there are so many more reasons "Why so much?" The most simple answer I can give you is ... because it is worth it. Whatever it is that you come here looking for... you WILL find it... and what is that worth to you?

Each year people pour millions, if not billions of dollars into the quick fix weight loss industry. Most of these fixes don't work.. and if any weight is lost it comes right back. Furthermore no pill is going to help you flip a 300 pound tire or give you a gun show that would make the NRA jealous.
If you are willing to pay for mediocre, temporary results... what would REAL strength, REAL results, REAL life changes be worth to you?

You can't put a price on commitment.
You can't put a price on happiness.

You can't put a price on teaching self worth and value to your children.
You can't put a price on health
You can't put a price on encouragement, on inspirations, on a second family, on acceptance or empowerment!

But if you could... guaranteed the price tag would be a lot more than $99 a month...

Some personal trainers charge $100 for two training sessions...

                                                            Hurricane fitness gives you unlimited training sessions, plus open gym time, monthly assessments, nutritional guidance, a built in support team full of others just like you, and they give you RESULTS.

Regular gyms cost less, this is true... but when was that last time you walked into a gym and had a plan.. that wasn't the same plan as the day before, or the day before that!

                                                            Hurricane Fitness offers so much more than a regular gym. Every time you come in to workout there is a new workout waiting for you that is designed to reach your goals. The workouts are fast (30-40 minutes including warm up and cool down) and are new every day. You will never get bored and you will always have the guidance and support of a personal trainer right there in the room with you. They won't let you slack, they want your results as much as you do, there are there to help you and aid you in making sure your doing the exercises correctly, minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing your results.
Too often people who are working out on their own at a regular gym are held back and feel frustrated that they are not seeing the results they want... this is because they are stuck in the ruts of old fitness myths... break out of the regular gym.. and break out of your regular results... it is that simple.

If you really want to compare the cost of a Hurricane Fitness Membership, you have to look at other people who offer personalized training in group settings like martial arts, dance, or kickboxing. These programs cost more because they are personalized... and when comparing Hurricane Fitness's regular rates to those of these programs... we are less expensive and offer more.

So I guess when it comes down to "Why so much?".. I just have to say what is SO much about it? How much would you pay for a better life?

~Sabrina, mother of four, member since 4/11, and current vice assistant general manager in charge of certain things at Hurricane Fitness.

The dangers of Sugar:

If you know me you know that I advocate a low sugar diet. Some of you think you are eating a low sugar diet but really aren’t. Many times the manufacturers of our food try to trick us by putting “low fat” on the label. Generally lower fat means more sugar to compensate for taste. Later in this blog I will put sugar contents of some common food s in. but for now let’s look at the health risks involved with sugar.


I’m going to get a little science nerdy for a minute but read on it’s important.

High amounts of sugar in the blood cause the binding of sugar molecules to blood proteins. This is called Glycation.

Glycation of proteins makes these proteins bioactivity decrease and this has been linked to the following:

  1. Premature aging
  2. Cancer
  3. Altered vision, cataracts, retinopathy
  4. Alzheimer’s
  5. Vascular disease
  6. ED
  7. Kidney Disease
  8. Joint pain and arthritis

Here are some common names for sugar used on food labels: sucrose, fructose, glucose, maltose, dextrose, maltodextrin, hydrolyzed starch, invert sugar, corn syrup, honey, cane sugar, sugar beets, high fructose corn sweetener, maple sugar, molasses, evaporated cane juice.


You are shooting for less than five grams of sugar per 100 grams of food and this should come from natural foods like fruits not processed foods.

To finish up here is the sugar content of some common foods. Keep in mind I recommend 25 grams per day or less for most people trying to be fit or loose fat. It is different for weight gain.

2 slices of bread = 3 teaspoons

1 bowl of cereal (regular not sugary kids cereal) = 5 tsp

1 bagel = 5 tsp

½ cup dried fruit = 4 tsp

½ cup fruit juice = 3-4 tsp

1 can soda = 9 tsp

1 cup chocolate milk = 6 tsp

1 bowl ice cream = 23 tsp (ouch that one is kick in the kiester) .

OK here is the tsp to gram conversion; 1 tsp generally equals 4-5 grams of sugar depending on the sugar source.

Don’t forget the increase in insulin sensitivity in your body that triggers more insulin release that causes your body to store more BELLY FAT.


Kick the sugar kick the belly!

Be Strong,

Trainer Will


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Want an exceptional body?

First let's talk about average. The average American is overweight and eats
over a liter of sugar a week.

That makes me want to throw up my Subway sandwich I just finished.


Now let's talk about extraordinary diets. These are diets high in protein
and nutrients like vitamins and minerals.
These are diets that are low in Trans and saturated fat and high in omega-3
fats. These are diets that leave the processed carbohydrates out all together.
These are diets that don't include alcohol.


Who was a diet like that? People with their pictures in magazines and on
television. The people that have the kind of god and goddess body's we want to

I often say that you
can't out exercise a bad diet and it is true

If you eat average, you will look average. If you eat extraordinary
you will look extraordinary.


Most of the time when we want to blame someone else for our lack of results the reality is that we are usually
not on track with our nutrition.

You ask how, can I realistically do this. Remember what I said above to look ordinary eat ordinary, to took extraordinary
eat extraordinary. Now let’s add a third element to look good eat good. This is where it is no
longer a diet but a healthy lifestyle with good eating and working out
regularly (no missing workouts). Just like many people live a
"normal" life style you can live a healthy lifestyle!

My advice to you is "suck it up
buttercup". Eat good, feel good, look good.


Dreams Can Be Reality

Almost 13 years ago, I left the Army to start a family. I was in the best shape of my life and then gained almost 60 lbs during my first pregnancy. I have struggled since, but I can't say I honestly cared. I was too busy raising a family. I now have 4 children and have come to realize, my health is part of their lives. In June of 2011, after a very eye-opening doctors appointment, it was time to change.

I started working out at home and making better food choices. Weight loss was the goal and I was losing. I knew I needed more and I started watching deals from our local gyms. I was very fortunate to find Trainer Will at Hurricane Fitness. The environment is amazing! My trainers are so helpful, caring, and motivating. The exercises are always different and I always leave feeling like I have accomplished something new.


Since starting the Body Transformation Boot Camp in January, my focus has completely changed. Weight loss was the goal, now it is just a pleasant side effect of becoming strong and healthy. Well over 20 inches lost and 5 sizes down, I have no doubt I will reach my goal.

The real transformation is not visible in these photos. I've gained so much...the opportunity to be a positive role model to my kids, knowledge and focus. This is what I've lost: I've lost my fear. I've lost my excuses. I've lost my self-doubt. I've lost my can't.

It is very hard for me to share these pictures, but I really do hope they are an inspiration to someone. Here's to continuing this amazing journey!!


What's Your Dream?

Think beyond losing weight, getting into shape or the next goal.  What do YOU want to accomplish that you (or anyone else) never imagined that you would be able to?   


I have Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A.), over a dozen broken bones, an ankle that has been rebuilt twice and numerous other “tweaks & twinges”, and who would believe what I’ve accomplished since October 2011.


Over the years, doctors highly recommended that I stop running, much less attempting to run more than a 5K (3.1 miles). Being the “determined” individual that I am, I persisted. For years I would run, end up re-injured and have to start over again every few months. It was very frustrating and discouraging. Then I met Will Hayford and started working out at Hurricane Fitness.      


Since I’ve started this new facet of my journey, I’ve exceeded not only my doctors expectations but my own. My R.A. flares are less severe, my ankle is more stable, my doctors are thrilled, and I’ve have leapfrogged past running 5K’s. I’ve now completed two half-marathons (13.1 miles each) and most recently, the Ragnar Chicago Relay (a 198 mile relay race from Madison WI to Chicago IL).  


I still have lots of progress that I would like to make, but just like these races that I’ve run – speed wasn’t important to me, FINISHING was.


Ask me to see my BLING!  I love showing it off!  ~MaryAnn Reed



Hurricane Fitness Blog By Trainer Will

Have you ever watched a long boring movie? Have you ever watched a movie that was short and captivating and was over so fast that it left you wanting more?

Personally I would rather watch the real good movie that left me wanting more than the long drawn out movie. Just because it’s long doesn’t mean it’s quality.

Your probably asking yourself, what does this have to do with fitness? That’s a good question.

I make this comparison because some people think a workout has to be long to be good when in fact High intensity shorter workouts are shown to be more productive. Say what? Let me explain.

Our body’s use something called adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) to fuel energy to our muscles. ATP is what enables max effort and muscle contraction in fact it is responsible for energy in all of our body’s systems. The problem is it is in short supply when it comes to high intensity exercise I won’t go into all the details but we only have enough to supply about 35-55 minutes of exercise after that out body goes from anabolic (muscle enhancing) to catabolic (body uses muscle as fuel) this is bad at this point your workout is actually very detrimental and can cause harm to your liver.

That is why at Hurricane Fitness we put science (short good movie) over old school long workouts (long movie).

Be Strong,

Trainer Will

Life is Short.


I live next door to my Grandmother and there are several elderly people living in the building.

This weekend my grandmother came ovr and asked if us to come help her neighbor who is 96 had fallen.


When we got there she was laying on her back and pretty unresponsive. We called 911 and comforted her until the ambulance got there.


My Grandmother let me know that her neighbor wasn't expected to make it.


This makes me think of how little I see my grandmother who lives next door.

I guess I just wanted to remind everyone that time goes by quickly so love on someone today, I'm sure they will appreciate it.

Be Strong,

Trainer Will

You asked we answered. We now have a fun and safe kids area for your children to play while you workout!

OK I promise this picture is to demonstrate that progress in our physique's take time not because I want to look at myself.


I saw a picture of me sitting in a chair with my shirt off and said "dang I'm a fat skinny guy".

So I started on my journey back to health and fitness. I made up my mind I was going to look good. 12 weeks into and a lot of money in supplements I looked better but still not good.


I was frustrated in my head I was a Bad A#@ mama jama but my body said different. I kept at it slowly making progress, getting stronger and leaner but still not near the physique I wanted. Then I tore a rotator cuff in my left shoulder. Lucky for me I was able to rehab it without surgery. None the less this was still a big setback. When I was ready (actually a little too soon) I got back at it and three years into my journey I finally had a pretty decent physique. Then I got tendonitis in my right arm and it was bad. I was taking 18 Ibuprofen a day to deal with the pain. This set me back a few months (if I would have just taken 2 weeks off when it started it would have been fine the Dr. said).

This was another disappointing setback I had to deal with. When I was better I got back at it hard and the after picture you see above is the result.


I write this blog to let you all know it takes time and there will be set backs you have to keep pushing through and pushing on.

It took me 3 years to build a decent body and 5 to really dial it in.


It is unrealistic to expect drastic overnight changes, you spent a lot of years eating poor and not exercising properly it will take years to truly achieve a great physique but it can be done!


Please take two things from this:

 1. It will take time. Good things come to those who persevere.

2. Things will come up that slow us down or knock us back. Just pick yourself up, dust off your workout shoes and get back to.


Be Strong,

Trainer Will

Summer Time Blues

Hey all.
Summer is upon us and many people fall into the trap of thinking that They don't need to workout in summer because they are busier than normal. Here are a few reasons why this is not the case.

1. If this were true than people who live in warm climates like California and Arizona would never need to workout. The reality is that people in these climates spend more on fitness per individual than people in cold climates. Many of them get good results because they mix their active life style with workouts.

2. This is a trap that many of you fall into often. For example you make progress and get results then quit for the summer and gain back the weight. By stopping you often loose motivation to start again.

3. One high intensity workout can burn between 500 and 1000 Calories! 4 hours of yard work is between 250 and 400. That is a big deficit of time and Calories burned. But the yard work could be a great complement to your workouts.

I understand being busy and missing time for vacation but there is still time to make it to training. Sure you might miss a week but a week off can be a good thing, a chance for your body to recover. Three months on the other hand and you are starting over.

And maybe you only make it to one or two sessions on some weeks at least that allows you to maintain your progress.

So let's get signed up for summer!
Be Strong,
Trainer Will
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